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The best way to yell at him is on Twitter. Privacy Encryption Antivirus. Magdalena Petrova. Table of Contents When did the attack take place?

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Who implemented the attack? How did they break in? How many people are affected? What did they take? Was any credit card information obtained?

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What about my password? Social Security number? How do I know if my information was included in the hack?

What do I do if I receive a text message? He doesn't keep Im 13 years old. Ok, so i recently did some bad stuff and my mom said that shes gonna be more strict with me.

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She told me that she went to tmobile and they said that they can print out my text messages or she can get online and read them from there If ur phone has a sim card then yes ur parents can go where they pay ur phone bill and get the most Can you read all text messages under your t-mobile account online? How can I view t-mobile account online? Can you read someones text messages online? How can I receive free text messages online?

Is there a way to read deleted text messages? Had I been using this second pin, my SIM swap may have been prevented. The thief was likely able to find enough personal information about me online to convince the T-Mobile representative that he was me; without the port validation PIN setup, they let the thief steal my number. And once my number was no longer in my control, the floodgates were open for the hacker to take over my other accounts using SMS authentication methods.

Interestingly, T-Mobile required a verification text message and code be sent to one of the other four phones in my family plan before the representative would transfer the number back to my physical SIM. I asked that T-Mobile require the same family plan phone verification if someone tried to steal my phone number again, since that adds another level of verification to my account.

Two days later, T-Mobile let the hacker steal my phone number again. I was outraged that someone calling to port out my number twice in two days didn't raise any red flags, and there was no verification through the other phones in my family plan. It's a mystery to me why this port validation PIN was not added the first time the hacker stole my phone number, and it shows me that T-Mobile needs to get more serious about this problem.

Thankfully, a senior person at T-Mobile was able to provide what I asked for -- that no changes be made to my account without first requiring that the person goes into a physical T-Mobile store and show an acceptable identification card. I also asked that they continue the practice required of me: Sending a verification text to another phone in my family plan.

I haven't tested this out yet, but honestly, I am not too confident that my number will remain secure with me moving forward. I don't have all the answers on what US wireless carriers can do to help customers with SIM security, but this issue needs to be taken more seriously. If there is an account holder like me with multiple lines, the least T-Mobile could do is require one or more other phones to validate the move through text message verification. Even though it is inconvenient and crooks may steal or fake IDs, going into a retail store to port out a number might help, too.


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If nothing else, T-Mobile could at least increase security when port outs look like a tennis match with the rightful owner and the crook moving the SIM back and forth in an attempt to gain control. Wired has a story about carriers working with banks that makes perfect sense and is easy to implement. I would love to see Coinbase and other cryptocurrency platforms work similarly with carriers to help stop a problem that seems to be growing.

Also: SIM hijacking ring which stole millions in cryptocurrency dismantled by feds. It is very important to immediately go into your Google account and make sure you have as many means of recovery enabled and recorded in case your Google account is hacked. The only data I had available at first that the hacker did not change was one email address.

Who implemented the attack?

I entered that and then received an automated email from Google that it was looking into things and that it could take three to five business days to get back to me. The hacker figured out I still had that email in the recovery sequence, so they later changed that email too, leaving me with no other means to verify the account was mine One of the many bits of information Google lets you enter for recovery is the month and year you started using Gmail. My wife came up with the brilliant idea to check when I last sent an email from my old Yahoo account and that must have done the trick.

Exactly five business days after I started asking Google to help me recover my account using the recovery process, I was provided access back to my Google account.

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While I had a friend who hooked me up with someone with connections at Google, it turns out that the standard recovery process available to everyone is what ended up working for recovering my Google account. As much as Google knows about me from many years of using its services, it amazes me that it couldn't automatically trigger an alert that someone was trying to takeover my account. With all of the data these services collect, it sure would be nice if that data was also used for security purposes.

While I was able to get my Google account -- and subsequently my Google Fi service -- back up and running, things were a mess. All my labels, filters, and other settings were gone. All the emails eventually came back, but I'm still working through cleaning everything up.